• • Due Diligence
    • Evaluate investment opportunities
    • Identify strategic alliances
    • Effect profitable mergers and acquisitions
    • Make management hiring decisions
    • Facilitate board member appointments
    • Implement client acceptance programs
    • Enhance vendor selection
  • • Litigation Support
    • Opposing party backgrounds
    • Witness location and assessment
    • Expert vetting
    • Evidence gathering
    • Pre- and post-judgment asset searches
  • • Internal Investigations
    • Internal resource diversions
    • Vendor fraud
    • White-collar crime
    • Employee misconduct
    • Other workplace issues
  • • Special Projects
    • Archive research
    • Historical and copyright research
    • Industry-specific investigations

Azarm & Associates, LLC is an investigative consulting and research firm providing services to a wide range of clients in the United States and abroad. We are fact-finders and analysts helping law firms, corporations, financial institutions, government entities, and individuals with their business intelligence, risk management, and problem-solving needs.

We conduct our work with great care and confidentiality while adhering to the highest ethical standards.